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3 Wood, Premium Plastic Golf Tees, Blue (3 pack)

3 Wood, Premium Plastic Golf Tees, Blue (3 pack)

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LESS FRICTION SYNTHETIC BRISTLES. Brush-T is a patented design that uses synthetic bristles to cradle the golf ball perfectly every time. The bristles allow your golf swing to be free of any variables and feel nearly frictionless for longer, straighter drives. 

DURABLE PLASTIC GOLF TEE. Every Brush-T is made using premium plastic that’s virtually unbreakable. Hitting the golf ball off synthetic bristles greatly reduces any risk of breaking the golf tee. 

IMPROVED ACCURACY. Brush-T eliminates up to 2% of left or right deflection*, and that means greater accuracy for your shots. Over 300 yards, a 2° deflection can make your shot up to 14 yards wide of the mark. That’s a difference between par and birdie, a birdie and an eagle…

MORE CONSISTENCY TEEING OFF. Consistency is key to a quality golf swing. The Brush-T base is inserted into the ground at the same height every time. Forget worrying about inconsistent tee height and focus on your swing instead. 

USGA RULE CONFORMING GOLF TEES. Think the Brush-T constitutes an unfair advantage? It doesn’t. The Brush-T is permitted under the USGA Rules of Golf. Find the official documentation on our website.

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Flexible Bristles.

The Fast-Flex bristles are the only thing between your ball and club, which means your golf swing is nearly unobstructed on the drive.

Durable Plastic.

Even though you won't be hitting the plastic, our tees are built with high grade polymers. We trust you'll be playing season after season with your lucky tee.

Remember: Using one good plastic tee reduces pollution of the golf course and littering of broken wooden tees.

Consistent Height.

The Brush-T Base Stop gives you consistency when teeing up the ball. Unlike adjustable tees, you can choose the specfic size for each unique scenario and club.