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XLT, Premium Plastic Golf Tees, 3 1/8", Yellow (2 Pack)

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FRICTION REDUCING BRISTLES. this innovative design uses synthetic bristles to cradle the golf ball as though its resting on grass. The bristles help remove one variable to allow your golf swing to feel nearly frictionless.

DURABLE PLASTIC TEE. every brush-t is made using a premium polymer plastic that is virtually unbreakable. And because the ball is driven off of flexible bristles it further reduces the risk of breaking from high impact.

IMPROVED ACCURACY. the brush-t has been proven to decrease ~2% of left or right deflection* leading to greater accuracy and straighter drives.

MORE CONSISTENT. consistency is the key to a quality golf swing. The brush-t is inserted into the ground at the same height every time to minimize variables and have you worrying less about inconsistent tee height and focusing on your swing instead. 

CONFORMS TO THE USGA AND R&A RULES OF GOLF. think the brush-t constitutes an unfair advantage? It doesn’t. Can it be used in tournaments? Yes! The brush-t is permitted under the USGA Rules of Golf and R&A Rulings. Find the official documentation on our website. (see below)

    product image for yellow XLT performance brush tee by brush-t the innovative golf accessory company that makes unbreakable plastic golf tees.
    XLT performance brush tee with golf ball on top
    XLT brush tee being pulled out of golf bag
    yellow XLT in capsule on XLT listing
    yellow XLT in back pocket.
    yellow golf tee with golf ball on top
    flexible bristles on performance golf tee.
    back of package for XLT golf tees.
    plastic XLT golf tee with unbreakable design
    • 1 Year Warranty

      Have an issue? Contact us regarding our 1 year warranty.

    • Satisfaction Guaranteed

      If you're not happy with the brush-t let us know and we'll issue a refund.

    • Fast Shipping

      Most orders ship within 1-2 business days for quick delivery.

    • Durable

      Made from quality polymers for season-lasting tees.

    the performance tee
    3 wood brush tee for best performance golf tees.
    performance golf tee in oversize tee capsule
    XLT brush tee image on pro combo pack

    the performance tee

    bringing technology to golf's necessity. durable plastic, bristle technology, and consistency in height take the tee to a whole new level.

    USGA and R&A

    the brush-t was tested by the USGA and R&A and conforms to the rulings of golf.

    USGA Letter

    the highlights

    • durable plastic tees

      Designed with durability in mind, the brush-t is made from high quality polymer while the bristles are strong synthetic strands that last all season for most golfers.

    • avoid plastic club marks

      The wide base of the brush-t maintains consistent height on every tee up. The base of the tee sits flush with the ground while the plastic base sits above ground at a mere ~1/8"(0.5cm) to avoid club contact with plastic.

      *different golf swings can lead to different results.

    • bristle lengths

      brush-t comes in 4 different sizes. Your bristle height should change depending on the club being used. Standard tee depth is 1.5" for all tees except the XLT tee which sits at a depth of 1.75" for more stability.

    get more distance with brush-t

    more distance.

    Southern California independent testers found the brush-t consistently produced greater distance and reduced spin from its wooden counterpart.

    brush-t was found to impart 2% less deviation on the ball which leads to straighter, more accurate drives.

    It showed less resistance at impact and therefore added between 3.2 and 7 yards to driving distance.

    These tests were carried out using the Iron Byron swing tester to help ensure greater consistency.

    testing results


    brush-t conforms to USGA and R and A rulings of golf
    shop the orange oversize brush-t

    The best tees ever! Grew tired of buying wooden tees every time I wanted to play a round of golf. The brush tees are durable and increased my yardage.


    No worries teeing it up correctly every time. Just push to the base and place your ball on it. Been using these for years. One brush tee last around 15 - 20 rounds for me.


    Good product love the durability and seems to help you hit a more crisper shot.

    Juanita S.

    Got the yellow XLT, great for teeing it up high and letting it fly. Always the same height and lasts most of the 7 month season.